Recycled Tire Tiles


Our Eco-Friendly Horse Stall Mats made from 100% recycled rubber are manufactured with an environmentally safe space age polymer bonding agent on a continuous press. By substituting the usual rubber vulcanizing process our customers receive a stronger, more resilient mat with superior cushioning for maximum comfort. (Vulcanizing rubber emits harmful pollutants into the air and results in mats with a sulfur or rotten egg odor.) Additionally, as the mats are softer they provide more traction then vulcanized mats.

These Eco-Friendly Horse Stall Mats are an excellent investment as they carry a 15 Year Limited Warrranty. (Only the 3/4" horse mats are warranted for horse stalls and the 1/2" thick horse mats are warranted for trailer flooring, barn aisles or in stalls exclusively for miniature horses.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are some horse stall mats softer than others?

    Yes, the polymer bonded mats are much softer than vulcanized mats which use extreme pressure to bond the rubber together. That process compresses all of the air pockets which results in a very hard mat. The polymer bonded mats are designed to give the utmost strength, resilience and cushioning even after years of extensive use.
  • What about stall mats with grooves for drainage?

    Grooved mats are not ideal because they are using less rubber so you are only getting the strength of a 1/2" mat and the grooves have a tendency toward giving an area for bacteria to grow and multiply. The drainage feature only works when all the grooved mats are lined up in the stall which requires more matting.
  • Where does the urine go?

    Properly installed mats are tight fitting with no gaps or seams so that the urine will pool on the mat and be absorbed by the bedding. When the bedding is removed, so is the odor. 
  • Are large mats better than small mats?

    Large mats have a lot of drawbacks. Sizes like 6' x 12' can weigh up to 300 lbs and are not designed for use with livestock, they are made for conveyor belts and other machinery. Those mats are extremely hard and contain fibers like nylon and rayon which can result in curling, cracking and shrinking.